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Notes for applicants


Please allow 21 working days for your application to be processed.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) publish a number of Codes of Practice covering the commercial operation of vessels less than 24m in length and large yachts. Please refer to the relevant Code of Practice to check your qualification is appropriate to the type of operation you plan to undertake.

The commercial endorsement is valid for five years provided that your medical fitness certificate (ML5 or ENG1) is in date. After five years you will be sent a reminder to renew your endorsement and will need to submit a new medical fitness certificate and evidence of active service.

First Aid 

The UK’s Small Commercial Vessel Codes of Practice detail the minimum first aid qualifications required as either the RYA First Aid, STCW Elementary First Aid or Sea Fish First Aid. Any course for those responsible for first aid on board must cover the use of Category C medical stores as detailed in MSN 1768 (M+F). You are personally responsible for ensuring that you hold any additional certification such as higher First Aid or Radio Operator’s certificates dictated by the specific regulations governing the vessels on which you serve.

The MCA code of practice requires first aid training to be refreshed every five years. Your First Aid Certificate must meet the minimum requirements as stated on

STCW endorsement 

The STCW 78 endorsement is for holders of the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or Ocean Certificates of Competence, working under non-UK maritime authorities. The STCW convention requires Personal Survival Techniques and Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention certificates to be refreshed every five years.

If you submit certificates for the STCW endorsement at the same time as applying for your commercial endorsement there will be no additional fee. If you wish to add the STCW endorsement after your commercial endorsement has been issued an additional fee of £15 will be payable.

Medical Reports 

If you are submitting an ML5 Medical Report Form and Certificate and the doctor has entered any ‘yes’ ticks then your medical will need to be referred to the MCA to be reviewed. If the MCA consider you as medically unfit for the issue of the endorsement then your application will be returned and no fee will be taken. Please be aware that the referral process may take longer than 21 working days.

If your ML5 medical is more than three months old at the time you submit your commercial endorsement application, a declaration will be required to confirm that no medical details have changed. The declaration will be emailed to you. The MCA will not accept medicals for referral which are more than one year old.

The ML5 can only be issued by a UK GMC-Registered Doctor.

The ENG1 Medical is only issued by an MCA Approved Doctor. If you require an ENG1 Medical please contact the MCA on 023 8032 9100 or visit their website.

Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR

If you hold an MCA Deck Officer’s Certificate of Competence as detailed in MSN 1856 and 1858, you do not need to do the PPR course. Please send a copy of your MCA certificate with your application for a commercial endorsement. See for further details.


The fee is £40.00 Please complete credit/debit card details below or enclose a cheque payable to RYA.

For an additional fee, the Fast Track service offers a two working day turnaround from the date we receive your application. If you require this, clearly mark your application with FAST TRACK and include the additional fee: £34 for non RYA members, £21 for RYA members, £16 for RYA Accredited members, £10 for RYA Gold members or free of charge for Life members.

Your commercial endorsement cannot be fast tracked if your ML5 Medical requires referral.

Return of documents If you require your documentation to be returned by Special Delivery, enclose a pre- paid envelope which can be obtained from your local Post Office. The envelope must be big enough to hold all your supporting documents and A5 certificate in a wallet.

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